IFAPA Lifebook Pages

IFAPA has created over seventy free lifebook pages for foster and adoptive families and social workers to use.

What is a Lifebook?

A lifebook brings together a child’s past, present, and future. It is a book to document a child’s history, celebrate accomplishments, and allow his or her talents to shine. It is a record of a child’s life in his or her own words using photos, artwork, and things picked up along the way. It allows a child to honor life, one day and one event at a time.

Working together on a lifebook can bring a parent and child closer together. It creates a natural opportunity to talk about the circumstances of the foster care and/or adoptive placement. A lifebook is a useful tool in any stage of foster care or adoption.

IFAPA created these lifebook pages to allow a child to pick the pages that fit his or her style. Each page can be downloaded and printed separately which allows a child the ability to hand-select a preferred page.

These pages are available to download and print for FREE!


Free IFAPA Lifebook Pages

Whole Lifebook (All Pages):

Full Lifebook in English ALL PAGES IN ONE PDF!!

Full Lifebook in Spanish

Individual Lifebook Pages:

Cover Page - option 1

Cover Page - option 2

Cover Page - option 3

Cover Page - option 4

Inside Cover - option 1

Inside Cover - option 2

A Big Day for Me

A Club I Belong To

A Special Day for Me

Autumn Memories

Childhood Milestones

Church Activities

Copy of Birth Certificate

Copy of Court Records

Dear Dad Letter

Dear Mom Letter

Full of Sunshine

Holiday Memories - option 1

Holiday Memories - option 2

I Am Thankful For

If I Could Change One Thing - option 1

If I Could Change One Thing - option 2

I Grew Up With 

Important People - Contact Info

It's My Birthday

I Wonder About 

Look At Me

Look How I've Grown


Messages from Important People in My Life

More About Me

My Adoption Day

My Best Friend

My Birthday

My Brother 

My Extended Family (photo)

My Extended Family Members

My Family

My Family - Extra Stars

My Family Photos

My Family Story

My Foster Family

My Foster Story

My Future Plans

My Memories - age 0-3

My Memories - age 4-6

My Memories - age 7-9

My Memories - age 10-12

My Memories - teen years

My Predictions for the Future

My Religious Beliefs

My Sister 

My Thoughts About My Family

My Wishes

Other Homes Where I've Lived

Other People I Lived with in My Birth Family

Other Places I've Lived

School Days

Someone I Care About 

Someone I Look Up To

Someone I Lived with that is Important to Me 

Someone Like a Brother to Me 

Someone Like a Sister to Me 

Special Days & Celebrations

Sports I Play

Spring Memories

Summer Memories

Teen Favorites

Teen Stuff - Important Phone Numbers & Websites

The Day You Came Home from the Hospital

The Day You Came to Our Family 

Things That Make Me Feel

Vacation Times

When I Was Born

Winter Memories

Words That Describe Me



Wrapper End