Additional Resources for Adoption

Iowa Department of Human Services (HHS)

HHS is responsible for approving families to become foster and adoptive families. They are also responsible for the selection of approved families for placement of Iowa's foster and adoptive children.

Iowa Department of Human Services - Foster Parent Handbook
Iowa Map of HHS Service Area Breakdown
Medicaid Reimbursement for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (TMS)
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Transition Update



Online Resources for Parents
Educators Making a Difference for Students - Adoption, Foster Care and Kinship Care in the School Setting
Raising Relative's Children
Completing the Circle - Uncovering, Discovering & Creating Connections for Your Foster and Adoptive Children
Transracial Parenting in Foster Care and Adoption
IFAPA Lifebook Pages
IFAPA Newsletters
IFAPA Welcome Pages
View other IFAPA Publications


Adoption Tax Credit

Adoption Tax Credit - IRS
Save the Adoption Tax Credit


Transitioning a Child into Your Home

Creating a Welcome Book
Questions Kids Want Answers for When Entering Foster Care
Resource Family Profile Form (Family Introduction Form)
All About Me Form (Foster Child Introduction Form)
Celebrate Me Form (All About the Foster Child)


Adoption Books

Foster Care & Adoption-Friendly Children's Books





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