Additional Resources for Foster Parents

Iowa Department of Human Services (HHS)

Foster Parent Handbook, HHS Forms, etc.

HHS is responsible for approving families to become foster and adoptive families. They are also responsible for the selection of approved families for placement of Iowa's foster and adoptive children. IFAPA has created links to a variety of HHS publications and forms for Iowa's foster parents.

HHS Check Payment Codes

HHS Foster Parent Handbook

Family Case Plan (470-3453)

Foster Child Medication History Form

Foster Care Respite Information Sheet

Foster Family Placement Contract (470-0716)

Foster Parent Evaluation & Training Plan (470-3341)

Foster Parent Training Application (470-2541)

Foster Parent Training Application (470-2541) - WORD DOC (can complete electronically)

Foster Parent Training History (470-2080)

Foster Parent Training Report (470-2540)
 - PDF

Foster Parent Training Report (470-2540)
 - WORD DOC (can complete electronically)

Guide for Mandatory Reporters

Info Regarding Foster Children Driving

Iowa's Blue Print for Permanency

Iowa Map of HHS Service Area Breakdown

Medicaid Reimbursement for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (TMS)

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Transition Update (March 4, 2016)

Medication Management Booklet

Physical Record Form(470-0580)

Report of Suspected Child Abuse Form(470-0665)

Resource Family Tip Sheet on Workers and Their Roles

Vehicle & Home Insurance & Liability


HHS Foster Family Maintenance Rates

The following chart is a payment schedule of possible monthly payments including basic maintenance and difficulty-of-care Levels 1, 2 & 3. A basic maintenance payment is the daily reimbursement paid to foster parents for providing basic family foster care. The basic rate is intended to reimburse the foster family for food, clothing, shelter, school expenses, grooming, ordinary transportation, recreation, and transportation appropriate for the child's age.

Effective July 1, 2013:
Age of Child Basic
Daily Rate
Basic +
Level 1 ($4.81)
Basic +
Level 2 ($9.62)
Basic +
Level 3 ($14.44)
0-5 years $16.78 $21.59 $26.40 $31.22
6-11 years $17.45 $22.26 $27.07 $31.89
12-15 years $19.10 $23.91 $28.72 $33.54
16-20 years $19.35 $24.16 $28.97 $33.79

HHS Foster Care Maintenance & Adoption Subsidy Payment Schedule
(July 2023 – June 2024 payment schedule)


Clothing Closets that Serve Foster Families

View list of Clothing Closets


Accepting a Foster Placement  

Pre-Placement Questionnaire for Foster Parents


Transitioning a Child into Your Home

Foster Care Youth Rights & Responsibilities
Top 10 Things Foster Parents Can Do to Help Transition a Foster Child into Your Home
Checklist of Things to Discuss When a Foster Child Enters Your Home
Creating a Welcome Book
Questions Kids Want Answers for When Entering Foster Care
Resource Family Profile Form (Family Introduction Form)
All About Me Form (Foster Child Introduction Form)
Celebrate Me Form (All About the Foster Child)


Court Hearings

Foster Parents and the Courts booklet
Going to Court - A Guide for Iowa's Young Children
Iowa Handbook on Juvenile Courts for Parents
Participating in Juvenile Court Hearings - Iowa Foster Parent Handbook
What Do Judges Want? article - by Judge Constance Cohen, 5th District
CIP Child Court Report Form
CIP Foster Parent Court Report Form
Iowa Children's Justice - Newsletters



Foster Home Insurance Fund


Support for Foster Parents

Foster & Adoptive Therapists
Support Groups


Support for Foster Youth

Friends of Children in Foster Care
Families Helping Families of Iowa - Spread Your Wings Program


Children's Books

Foster Care & Adoption-Friendly Children's Books


Crisis / Referral Help Phone Numbers

Important Phone Numbers for Foster Families Form
Local Crisis / Referral Help Phone Numbers
Iowa Crisis / Referral Help Phone Numbers
National Crisis / Referral Help Phone Numbers


Publications for Foster Parents

Foster Parents and the Courts - A Guide for Foster Parents on Being an Effective Advocate in Court for Children in Foster Care
Confidetiality: A Guide for Foster Parents
Resource Parents Partnering with Birth Parent to Benefit Children
Raising Relative's Children
Completing the Circle - Uncovering, Discovering & Creating Connections for Your Foster and Adoptive Children

Transracial Parenting in Foster Care and Adoption
The Child Abuse Assessment
IFAPA Lifebook Pages
IFAPA Newsletters
View other IFAPA Publications



Education of Foster Children in Iowa
Educators Making a Difference for Students - Adoption, Foster Care and Kinship Care in the School Setting


Transitioning Youth to Adulthood

For a list of resources to assist youth aging out of the foster care system, check out our webpage Transitioning Youth to Adulthood.


National Foster Care Links

National Foster Parent Association -
Child Welfare Information Gateway -
Casey Family Programs -
Kids Are Waiting: Fix Foster Care Now -
National Foster Care Month (May) -
Annie E. Casey Foundation -
Child Welfare League of America -
National CASA Association -

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