Frequently Asked Questions

Training Requirements for Foster Parents

Q: When do I need to have my training completed by for my renewal?
A: Please see Foster Parent Training Requirements.

Q: What are the required trainings I need to complete and how often do I need to complete them?
A: There are four specific trainings that foster parents are required to complete:
CPR and First Aid Training - Needs to be completed within the first year of licensure and then again every three years thereafter.
Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training - Needs to be completed within the first year of licensure and then again every five years thereafter.
Medication Management - Needs to be completed within the first year of licensure. This training only needs to be completed one time.
Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard Training (RPPS) - Needs to be completed within the first year of licensure. This training only needs to be completed one time. RPPS is a new required class - all currently licensed foster parents will need to have this training completed by Sept. 30, 2016.

Q: How do I complete the Medication Management Training?
A: You must read the Medication Management booklet (found on the IFAPA website) and answer the ten review questions on pages 14 and 15. You can turn in your completed questionnaire to your KidsNet Licensing Worker to receive credit for completing it.


Trainings for Adoptive & Kinship Parents

Q: Can adoptive parents and kinship parents attend any of IFAPA's trainings?
A: If you are an adoptive parent or a kiship parent (i.e. grandparent raising a grandchild) living in Iowa you are eligible to utilize any of IFAPA’s trainings for free! We encourage you to look over our training schedule and take advantage of courses that can help you to better understand the behaviors of your child as well as find ways to make daily life more manageable.


Registering for a Training

Q: How do I register for one of IFAPA's CPR and First Aid classes?
A: To register for one of our classes, please complete our REGISTRATION FORM and mail in with your payment, or pay online by credit card. IFAPA's CPR and First Aid classes are for licensed foster parents only. Registrations will be taken on a first come first serve basis. If you are in the process of becoming licensed, you cannot take a class until you get your license, because if you do complete a CPR and First Aid training prior to receiving your license, the training credits received will not be able to count towards your renewal.

Q: How do I register for any of IFAPA’s other trainings?
A: You can register through our online registration form or by calling our office at 800-277-8145 ext. 1. All emails and phone calls will be returned within two business days.

Q: Does IFAPA send out reminders to people that registered for a training?
A: If IFAPA has your email address, then you will receive a reminder email the Tuesday prior to the training. If IFAPA does not have an email address, then you will receive a letter in the mail. Please be sure to check your e-mail and/or mail for our training reminders.


Class Cancellations

Q: If I cannot attend an IFAPA training I registered for, do I need to contact IFAPA to cancel my spot in the class?
A: Yes. If you know (on or before 4pm) the day before the training that you cannot attend please contact IFAPA at or at 800-277-8145 ext 1, so you can be removed from the class list. There may be times that we have a waiting list to get into a class, so please be considerate of others on the waiting list and let us know if you cannot attend.

Q: How do I know if an IFAPA training is cancelled?
A: If a training is cancelled due to low enrollment, all participants registered will be notified, and it will be listed on the IFAPA website under the training schedule.

During bad weather, we try our best to avoid cancelling trainings. If the trainer is able to make it to the training location and the facility is open, IFAPA will still hold the class for those families that need to get their training hours completed. If you feel the weather is too dangerous to travel, please stay home and you can register for a different upcoming class. If a class needs to be cancelled, we will make every effort to notify all attendees of the cancellation via e-mail and text. IFAPA will also post cancellations on our website and Facebook page. If you would like to find out if any classes have been cancelled, you can also call (800-277-8145 ext. 2) and listen to our Training Coordinator’s voicemail (Julie Clark-Albrecht) for details on any class cancellations.



General Training Questions

Q: Is there childcare provided at IFAPA trainings?
A: Infants, children and teens are not permitted at the trainings and child care is not provided. Our trainings are for adults only, with the exception of one class: Teen Anger. Youth age 13 and older are welcome to attend this training with a parent.

Q: Is there a cost to attend an IFAPA training?
A: All of our trainings with the exception of our Fall and Spring Conference and our CPR and First Aid classes are free for Iowa's foster, adoptive and kinship parents.

Q: How many breaks will we receive during an IFAPA training?
A: Our three-hour classes include one 15 minute break. Our six-hour classes will provide two 15 minute breaks and a one-hour lunch break. IFAPA does not provide snacks or meals during our trainings. If you are attending a class at our Training Center in Ankeny, we do sell candy, pop and bottled water ($1 per item). Profits will be donated to IFAPA's Friends of Children in Foster Care Program.




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