Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training

Foster parents are mandatory reporters of child abuse. As mandatory reporters, foster parents are required to take Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training. At least two hours of Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training must be taken within one year of initial licensing and every five years thereafter.


Foster Parent Approved Mandatory Reporter Trainings:

Option 1: IFAPA Mandatory Reporter Class
Cost: Free to all foster, adoptive and kinship families

This is the state approved Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training, required for foster parents to complete within the first year of licensure, and then every five years there after. The Foster Allegation Information Resource (FAIR) program will also be discussed. This IFAPA program provides information and support to foster parents who have had an allegation of abuse made against them.

For all Non IFAPA Members the cost is $15: Those that are not foster, adoptive or kinship parents may register for an IFAPA Mandatory Reporter class. The cost is $15 per person, and is non-refundable due to participant cancellations. Please check with the organization you are needing certification for, to make sure our class will work for your requirements. Our class does NOT cover Dependent Adult Abuse. To register and pay for one of IFAPA's Mandatory Reporter classes, click here

IFAPA's Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Trainings
Sat., Sept. 20, 2014 1:30pm-4:45pm AMES
Sat., Sept. 27, 2014 9am-12:15pm COUNCIL BLUFFS
Sat., Oct. 4, 2014 1:30pm-4:45pm WATERLOO
Sat., Oct. 11, 2014 9am-12:15pm SIOUX CITY
Sat., Nov. 1, 2014 1:30pm-4:45pm ANKENY
Sat., Nov. 8, 2014 1:30pm-4:45pm CEDAR RAPIDS
Sat., Nov. 22, 2014 1:30pm-4:45pm DAVENPORT

To sign up for one of these classes, call IFAPA at 800-277-8145 ext. 1 or complete our online registration form.

Option 2: Support Groups Trainings
Cost: Free

Support groups may also offer the approved Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training class. Visit the Support Group Training page to see if a class is being offered by a local support group. Be sure to follow their instructions to register for their class.

Option 3: CE Solutions Online Course (NOT connected with IFAPA)
Cost: $23.95 per person

The Iowa Department of Public Health has approved one online Mandatory Reporter Training class for foster parents offered through CE Solutions. IFAPA promotes this online class as an additional resource for foster parents; however, the online course is not connected to IFAPA.(PLEASE NOTE: IFAPA will NOT be able to help resolve any issues with this online course since it is not connected to or operated by IFAPA. Please be sure to contact CE Solutions at 866-650-3400 if you have any questions or issues.)

Online Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Course (

The CE Solutions Group offers a Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Course on their website. CE Solutions Group offers different Mandatory Reporter courses online, but only one is approved for foster parents to take. The only course that foster parents can receive credit for is the course titled Child Abuse for IA Mandatory Reporters (Languages or Audio versions). Foster parents will receive 2 hours of foster parent credit for this course. The State of Iowa requires this course be timed; therefore you must read the course online for a minimum of two hours and complete the test after the end of your two hours (see more details below). Cost: $23.95 per person

CE Solutions Group /
Instructions for the CE Solutions Group online course
Step 1 Visit
Step 2 Click on customer sign-up / sign up now
Step 3 Complete the User Registration form. On this form you will be asked to give an e-mail address and make your own password. For occupation select "other". It will ask for your license number, license state and license expiration date. This test is also for nurse professionals and that is why a license number is requested. Foster parents can put a 0 (zero) in the license number field, select Iowa for the license state and select any random date in the license expiration date field.
Step 4 Click on the green button "search for a course" and enter the key words "mandatory reporter" and click on the search button.
Step 5

Select the course "Child Abuse for Iowa Mandatory Reporters (Languages Version or Audio Version)". PLEASE NOTE: The CE Solutions Group website offers different Mandatory Reporter Classes online, but only one is approved for foster parents to take. The only class that foster parents can receive credit for is the course titled "Child Abuse for Iowa Mandatory Reporters (Languages or Audio Versions)".

PLEASE NOTE - THE STATE OF IOWA NOW REQUIRES THAT THIS COURSE BE TIMED. YOU MUST READ THE COURSE ONLINE FOR A MINIMUM OF 2 HOURS. AT THE END OF 2 HOURS YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO TAKE THE TEST AND COMPLETE THE COURSE. PLEASE DO NOT OPEN ANY OTHER INTERNET BROWSER WINDOWS, EMAIL OR CHAT WINDOWS BECAUSE THE TIMER WILL STOP.  IF TIMER STOPS, SCROLL THROUGH READING MATERIAL.  IF YOU CANNOT COMPLETE THIS COURSE IN ONE SITTING, YOU CAN LOG OUT AND WHEN YOU ARE READY TO COMPLETE THE COURSE, LOG BACK IN AND THE SYSTEM WILL REMEMBER THE TIME YOU LEFT OFF ON.   A timer will appear in the right hand side of the reading material and will be counting down the 2 hour time limit. This is a floating timer which will follow you as you scroll down the page. If you are not able to see the timer, you may need to zoom out in order to see the timer. Due to compatibility issues with Internet Explorer (all versions), we strongly suggest downloading the Mozilla Firefox browser at or Google Chrome at  

Step 6 Click on "Purchase this course now", then you will be asked to enter your credit card information to pay for the course.
Step 7 Begin the Child Abuse for Iowa Mandatory Reporters (Languages or Audio Version) course. There are seven sections of reading materials that you will need to read. It is highly recommended that you print these sections to keep and use to refer back to while taking the required test.
Step 8 Take required test, complete evaluation and print off training certificate. You must score 75% or higher on your test in order to pass. If you pass the test, you will be able to print off your own Mandatory Reporter Training certificate. If you do not pass the test the first time, you can retake the test as many times as you need without being charged additional fees. If you do not have a printer or lose your certificate, make sure you write down the e-mail address and password you used to register in order to log-in at a later date to print off your certificate. If you choose to print your certificate at a later date, please be sure to fill out your evaluation before closing out of the material. This will signify the end of the course, and the date posted to your certificate will be the date you completed the evaluation.
If you have any issues, please contact CE Solutions Group at 866-650-3400 or email IFAPA will NOT be able to help resolve any issues with this online course since it is not connected to or operated by IFAPA. Please be sure to contact CE Solutions Group with any questions or issues you may have.



Frequently Asked Questions:

If I cannot take the online Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training, where else can I find this class?

There is no centralized list of when or where this course is being offered around the state. Sometimes local community colleges, hospitals, DHS or Area Education Agencies offer this course. Just make sure the course being offered is an “approved curriculum” by the Iowa Department of Public Health. (see last question for more on).

If a class is titled Mandatory Child Abuse and Adult Dependent Abuse Reporter Training, does that count toward my training requirement?

Not necessarily. Foster parent licensure requires that you have 2 hours of CHILD related content, and some classes that offer a mix of child/adult dependent only offer 1 hour of child related content (and 1 hour of adult dependent content), and therefore, would NOT qualify to meet your foster parent training requirements. If the title says “Mandatory CHILD ABUSE Reporter Training,” and is at least 2 hours long, it will meet the requirements for your licensure. (note – the course must be an approved curriculum by the Iowa Department of Public Health. See last question for more details).

Can I take this course online to meet my licensure requirements?

Yes, you can take this course online and meet your licensure requirements, however, it must be an approved curriculum by the Iowa Department of Public Health, and offering 2 hours of credit specific to CHILD abuse reporting. (See last question for more info).

How do I know if a class is “an approved curriculum” by the Iowa Department of Public Health?

The provider of the training should know this, when you register for the training. You can also check for the list of approved curriculum on the website of the Iowa Department of Public Health. Please log onto their website at Once there, click on “A-Z services” and then click on “Abuse Education Review Panel.” As you scroll down on this page, there is a link for “Approved Curricula” and this link specifies whether a course is Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training, or Mandatory Child/Dependent Adult Abuse Training, or Mandatory Adult Dependent Abuse Training. And remember, the only training you can take toward licensure requirements is a training that is 2 hours of Child Abuse content.




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