Online Trainings

These online courses have been approved for foster parent credit (see exceptions listed below). If you have issues with any of the online courses listed below, please contact the organization affiliated with that particular class. IFAPA will not be able to help resolve any issues with these classes since they are not connected to or operated by IFAPA.

Online Courses ( &

In Iowa, foster parents need six hours of training annually to renew their foster care license. Foster parents can obtain a maximum of three credit hours by taking online courses offered by and/or (please see special exceptions below). The remaining three hours of credit must be obtained through a face-to-face group setting, such as an IFAPA training or support group training. These online courses are not affiliated with IFAPA, if you have questions please call the phone number listed below. Please be sure to read the online training directions to know time limits allowed to complete the online class. (818-998-4462): (800-777-6636):
Online Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Course (

The Iowa Department of Public Health has approved one online Mandatory Reporter Training class for foster parents offered through CE Solutions. IFAPA promotes this online class as an additional resource for foster parents; however, the online course is not connected to IFAPA. For step-by-step instructions and the cost involved to take this course, visit our Mandatory Reporter Training page.



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